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Things I Recommend- Because I Use Them! 


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Your puppy needs a collar, it helps keep them safe.

A collar should fit not too tight and not too loose, you should be able to get two fingers under it. 

The collar's primary use is for identification if your dog gets loose and to attach a leash quickly if needed.   You  may not want to use it to walk the dog-  many people find a harness to be a better solution. Collars come in all kinds be sure to get an adjustable collar so it will last a few months for your growing puppy.  An inexpensive one is fine  and I like a clip to close rather than a buckle but either works. Wait until your puppy is grown to buy something expensive!.  Oh, long haired dogs do best with a rolled leather collar! 

Tracking Collars

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If you want to walk your dog off leash or you travel with your dog or you just have a dog that likes to escape, a tracking collar is for you.

LeeLoo is the first dog I have owned that I have used a tracking collar with and I feel much better going on adventures knowing that she is wearing it.  

While she is very well trained she is also a hound X and as is in their nature, if she gets on a scent everything else shuts off she is all in to find whatever it is.  

It's not "a bad dog" it's how some dogs work if they have a hi degree of hunting behavior in them.  

I have not "lost " LeeLoo yet I have lots of other tricks to prevent that but I have gotten worried and am glad to know I have it. 


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Why a harness?  

a harness provides more control and a better experience for most pups and their parents. For many dogs such as bull dogs, pugs, and other breeds with breathing issues, a harness is a much safer and comfortable solution.   I like the Kurgo harness and the ruff wear harness.  The have multiple points of attachment,   they are rugged, and adjustable. 


Many Dogs

Leashes come in a few lengths, 6 foot leash is standard for training and walking beside you.  The clips are user preference  and are usually just a snap clip but can be a scissors clip.  I find the scissors clip harder to manage. Also pay attention to the weight of the leash- don't weigh down your yorkie with a climbing rope lead and a bulky clip, or put a lightweight hard to get a grip on lead on your 70 pound golden. 

Field Line/ Check Cord

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If you want to train your dog to come, and or you also want to train them to walk off lead with you like on a trail, you really need a field line.  Minimum 15 foot lead that they can drag- I like mine with no handle so it doesnt get caught. They can be lightweight nylon rope or biothane- a bright color is helpful. 

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