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Holidays with your Dog- 3 things to think about

Holidays should certainly include your dog but perhaps not in everything.

  1. Should your dog join the party?

Is your dog a social animal, do they enjoy lots of activity and many people and or other animals? This is important, many dogs prefer quiet and routine, to much activity can be overstimulating and uncomfortable. Also many dogs do not actually take kindly to other dogs showing up at their house. Be considerate of your dog's nature and they might prefer to stay in their room, or perhaps greet people after everyone is assembled and then retreat to their bed. Whatever you do, leaving the dog loose during everyone's arrival is bound to cause more commotion than you want so let them stay out of the way until the last person arrives.

2. What about Holiday treats?

dogs deserve holiday treats for sure but be careful. Dogs are allergic to many holiday foods- and a lot of unfamiliar treats can cause stomach problems and even pancreatitis. Stock up on their favorite dog treats from the pet store and then feel free to add very small amounts of things like a piece of turkey meat or lean beef - just don't feed them the fat! pour a bit of gravy over their regular food for a treat!

3. should you bring your dog to other people's houses?

I know you want to go everywhere with your dog but it may not be a good idea. First thing, ask the hosts do not

ever show up with a dog without clearing it with the hosts first- service dogs obviously excepted. Just don't do it. Next, has your dog been to their house ever? or to anyone's house ever? some young dogs will walk in and mark the furniture. How large a crowd will it be? can you easily take the dog out as necessary- can you/ do you want to supervise the dog? If you take the dog with you you must have it under control. If it is a gathering at your dog's best friends house that he sees regularly then it is certainly a fit - if not think about it hard.


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