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The Most Important Rules for Puppy Training.

1. Teach new things with rewards and praise

a. NO punishment for not doing something – this includes raising your voice

2. Stop unwanted behaviors with a correction

a. Say no in a firm voice

b. Substitute a wanted behavior and praise

3. Consistency

a. Everyone in the family needs to be consistent

b. Try and get visitors to adhere to the rules as well

4. Praise and Corrections must be immediate or don’t bother

a. Your dog does not remember or know why it is being praised or corrected if it is not at the time of the act.

5. Keep to a schedule for housebreaking

a. Almost house broken is not house broken

b. Refer to rule 3 and 1

6. Mark behaviors by words

7. Keep formal training sessions short and repeat several times a day

a. Never give a command you can’t enforce that is setting you both up for failure.

8. Remember- everything you do trains the puppy.


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