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Choosing a Puppy

During the pandemic a lot of people got puppies and there was so much demand that i am pretty sure people didn't really spend a lot of time choosing - they took what was available. Ideally you would be a bit more thoughtful in your selection, you want a puppy that will turn into a dog that will fit your lifestyle and while individuals are all different, breed matters.

Breed Behaviors:

Breeds are breed for certain characteristics, behaviors, looks and that effects what they will be like regardless of your training. For example dogs bred to herd are very intelligent but also high energy and will herd you and young children etc.. they need a job to be happy and would be best suited to someone that is outdoorsy and has the space for them. Huskies, very vocal, very clever, escape artists high energy hard to train-probably drive you crazy unless you are gong to train for agility or sledding. There is a reason Labrador retrievers and Golden retrievers are so popular; they are generally easy to train, they care about pleasing you and are food motivated- they are not usually super high energy. These are just some examples of behaviors to think about.

Living with your dog:

Think about how you live and what you want to do with your dog- do you want to participate in sports with your dog or do you prefer to only have to go outside when necessary and then lounge on the couch? Do you live in an apartment or on a farm? Are you willing to walk the dog twice a day or can you provide a large safe fenced area? Do you work outside the house all the time- you might want to research local dog daycare services or will you hire a dog walker?


Also think about the grooming requirements. double coated long haired breeds like rough coated collies and Tibetan Terriers are grooming challenges to say the least. Max needs regular grooming, will not let me do it and by and large I just have him shaved down once a year. LeeLoo has sleek short hair and requires nothing but the occasional bath.


Size should also be a consideration- are you strong enough to lift a large dog if it is injured? or you need to restrain it? Do you want to take your dog everywhere with you? A small dog is more welcome on travels.

These are some of the things to think about when deciding what kind of puppy to choose. The AKC has great information on all breeds of dogs and all things dogs. This is a great tool, answer a few questions about your lifestyle and they will suggest dog breeds for you.


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